How To Cook Pizza on a Blackstone Griddle

How To Cook Pizza on a Blackstone Griddle

The concept of griddle pizza is a fresh and innovative idea currently unfamiliar to many. Unlike traditional methods of cooking pizza, this technique utilizes a Blackstone griddle to achieve a unique and flavorful result. With the griddle’s help, it is possible to make the mouth-watering, homemade pizza right in the comfort of your kitchen. Many peoples not know how to cook pizza on a blackstone griddle.

Firstly, to cook pizza on the Blackstone griddle, you should preheat the grill of Blackstone to 350 or 400°F; place your pizza dough and set your skillet on medium to high cover the pizza with a pizza dome lid or griddle hood. Now cook pizza for 3 to 5 minutes and examine the underside of the dough. If it is cooked, flip, turn down the heat and add your favourite toppings to a pizza. After 7 to 10 minutes, your pizza will be ready.

How to cook pizza on a griddle surface

Griddles are gaining popularity for their superior cooking abilities and easy upkeep, particularly for pizza lovers. The Blackstone griddle is ideal for those who want to elevate their pizza-cooking skills. With its help, you can achieve a perfectly cooked pizza with a crispy crust and a soft interior. To avoid burning or sticking, keeping an eye on the griddle’s temperature is essential. Making delicious pizza at home has never been easier, thanks to the Blackstone griddle.

Blackstone Griddle

How To Cook Pizza on a Blackstone Griddle

Blackstone has many griddle types to choose from, but they have one thing in the same. A flat top made from cold rolled steel. Standard material for even warmth distribution and composed cooking across the surface.

Step-by-step process on how to cook pizza on a Blackstone griddle

Step 1: Make the pizza dough

To make pizza dough, you need warm water, bread flour, instant yeast, or salt Bread flour gives bulk to the dough. Yeast and salt give elasticity to dough. You can add other ingredients like sugar, olive oil, and garlic powder. Now, mix well all the ingredients. You can also add a pizza dough mixer or bread maker mixer to increase consistent dough. Now cover pizza dough and let it at least settle down for two hours at room temperature. The dough should double in size at this time.

Step 2: Prepare the toppings

Before cooking pizza, you must ensure that all ingredients are ready or fresh. Firstly, soften the vegetables—Cook meat on the grill or fry other materials. You can use a large Blackstone griddle cooktop for cooking all ingredients simultaneously. After cooking, convert them into a bowl and set them aside; clean the grill after cooking.

Step 3: Cook your pizza

  • Firstly, set the heat of the Blackstone grill at 350 to 400°F. Use a food thermometer to check the temperature and adjust it according to your desire.
  • Now place your pizza dough on a seasoned grill and adjust the heat to medium-high. Cover pizza with a pizza dome or griddle hood to cook pizza fastly on the top or fully.
  • The dough will cook for 3 to 5 minutes—time depending on the thickness of the dough. Remove the dome and check its underside with the metal to see whether it is ready or not.
  • If pizza is well cooked from all sides, then flip.
  • Turn down the heat and add pizza sauce; spread it over the crust. Add cooked vegetables and meat and cheese of your choice, mozzarella cheddar.
  • After adding all toppings, you can adjust the griddle temperature to 375°F. Cover with a pizza dome.
  • After 7 to 10 minutes pizza will be ready. The cooking time depends on how long cheese will melt and how much pizza takes to become crispy and fully cooked. Prevent it from burning and sticking.
  • Monitor the dough temperature with an infrared food thermometer.

Step 4: Serve and enjoy

When the cheese melts, you are assured pizza is ready, then remove it from the griddle surface using a spatula or pizza peel. Pizza will cool down in a few minutes, then slice and serve it.

Accessories you might need for how to cook pizza on a Blackstone griddle.

Pizza peel :

How To Cook Pizza on a Blackstone Griddle

Someone with expertise in cooking pizza on a Blackstone griddle would likely know about a pizza peel, also called a pizza shovel. This implement is characterized by a thin, flat surface and a long handle comprised of a wooden paddle. It serves the purpose of removing pizza from an oven and transporting it between different locations.

Pizza Dome:

Blackstone griddle doesn’t have any hood or cover. People purchase mostly pizza domes or cheese melting domes. Dome is used to making pizza crispy and crunchy and prevent cheese from burning and drying. It is also used at the time of cooking.

Pizza wheel:

How To Cook Pizza on a Blackstone GriddleIt is used for cutting pizzas into slices. It looks like a wheel having sharp edges. It is also called a pizza slicer, pizza cutter or blade.

Infrared food thermometer:

How To Cook Pizza on a Blackstone Griddle

When cooking pizza, you need a thermometer to check and monitor the grill’s temperature. By using this, you prevent burning.

A frill apron:

How To Cook Pizza on a Blackstone GriddleA person who uses Blackstone griddle and knows how to cook pizza on a Blackstone griddle always uses a grilling apron. It protects your clothes from grease and food spillages.

Can you cook a frozen pizza on a black stone griddle?

Yes, you can cook a frozen pizza on a Blackstone griddle. Firstly, take out pizza from the freezer.
Remove all cover wrappings from the pizza and leave it at room temperature. Now, adjust the heat of the grill to 400°F. Place frozen pizza at the centre of the grill and cover it with a pizza dome. Now cook pizza for 5 to 7 minutes until pizza gets blown edges, flip and continue cooking until the crust of pizza gets crispy.

Can you bake on a Blackstone griddle?

Yes, of course, you can bake on a Blackstone griddle. The grill of Blackstone is suitable for making biscuits, cupcakes, muffins, cakes and cookies.
Firstly, Preheat the grilling season the grill and place dough on it. Cover dough to create an oven-like environment for baking. Using a Blackstone griddle for baking is helpful when you are out of the house on a picnic. People familiar with how to cook pizza on a Blackstone griddle also use the grill efficiently for baking. Also, use this griddle easily for baking.

Wrapping up

The Blackstone grill provides convenience and rapid cooking for both food and pizza. The initial and critical step is preparing the dough, although some opt for a pre-made pizza crust and carefully measure the ingredients. It’s essential to cook the toppings beforehand, as they may not thoroughly cook on the pizza crust. To avoid burning, start with a medium to high heat and then reduce the temperature. Utilizing a pizza dome lid ensures even cooking. Those who enjoy making pizza regularly should consider using the Blackstone griddle and mastering the art of pizza making on it.

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