How To Make Coffee With An Electric Kettle - Best 1 Method

How To Make Coffee With An Electric Kettle

how to make coffee with an electric kettle

Coffee is most favourite and essential for every person. Every person wants a hot or cold cup of coffee after work or any other duty. Busy people cannot manage time for a single cup of coffee. For this purpose, we do introduce a simple or easy way.
So, have you ever heard about the electric kettle. In this, we know how to make coffee with an electric kettle.

Electric kettle:

how to make coffee with an electric kettleAn electric kettle is used daily for every household. We see electric kettles in every home, even in the office. An electric kettle is instant and very helpful. The electric kettle has many types, or mainly all types are used commonly. The electric kettle works very fast, and it is not time-consuming. Fast heating or its short time is the advantage of the electric kettle.
Firstly, you insert the wire in a switch, press the start button, and the water starts boul. This is a simple and easy process, and you can enjoy a cup of coffee in a short process. It is readily available and easy to use.

How to make coffee with an electric kettle

We can make coffee with an electric kettle in two ways.

1:  Short or instant coffee:

Instant coffee is available in three types: short, rapid, and instant. It is pre-seasoned and leaves no excess residue. Preparing this coffee is effortless and requires only hot water and coffee powder. The powder dissolves quickly by stirring the mixture, producing a fresh and delicious cup of coffee. Instant coffee is a convenient choice for coffee lovers who are always on the go because it does not require heavy or bulky equipment.
Steps for making instant coffee.
Step1: Firstly, boil water in an electric kettle. The water is clean and fresh.
Step 2: Add instant coffee, power milk, and sugar to the cup.
Step 3: Add boil water to the cup.
Step 4: Stir for dissolving ingredients in the water.
Your coffee is ready. Now you can enjoy it with coffee. This is the short or simple process of how to make coffee with an electric kettle.

2:  Ground coffee:

This variant of coffee is distinct from instant coffee, as it comes in the form of ground-roasted coffee beans. Like instant coffee, these beans are processed into powder before being made. However, this type of coffee is not intended for long-term use and cannot be stored for extended periods. Preparing it using an electric kettle yields results comparable to instant coffee.

Step1: Boil the water in an electric kettle.
Step 2: Add ground roasted coffee to the cup.
Step3: Add boil water to the cup and let coffee mix with water a few times.
Step 4: Now, filter the roasted coffee grounds. Use a strainer to pour coffee from one cup to another and remove the grounds.
Step 5: Add sugar, milk, and other ingredients for tasty coffee. Now enjoy your coffee.

This is another method on how to make coffee with an electric kettle.


According to or related to electric kettle and ingredients, you should remember some things. This thing will affect your coffee.

1: Ingredients:

Always check your ingredients, their quality, quantity or expiry date. Everything makes its taste.

2: Amount of coffee and water:

Coffee and water are related to each other because they both mix with each other.
Some people like strong coffee. So, they use more coffee and a small amount of water. Some people use regular coffee, so the ratio of both coffee and water is equal. In an electric kettle, water is boiled, so we cannot guess the amount of water. That’s why the ratio of coffee and water is always essential according to taste.

3: Temperature:

It is the essential and critical point of an electric kettle because temperature affects the taste of coffee. The temperature for coffee is 85 to 90°C or 185 to 190°F.

4: Quality of water:

Water quality is of utmost importance as it constitutes almost half of a cup of coffee. Therefore, it is recommended to use filtered water. Coffee enthusiasts know this fact and can provide valuable insights on how to prepare coffee using an electric kettle.

Can we put coffee in an electric kettle?

  • This is the question that arises from people many people who use coffee daily in many times. They thought if we boil water in an electric kettle, why not coffee? In one situation, placing a kettle on a stove or inserting coffee directly might be possible. this method is called “CowBoy coffee”, but it is not used in an electric kettle.
  • An electric kettle is only recommended for boiling water, not any other liquid. It may go against the rules of manufacturers of the electric kettle.
  • Using or boiling any other liquid in an electric kettle is dangerous for the kettle. Mainly cleaning the kettle is difficult.
    When you heat or boil coffee directly, this causes severe problems like sanitation, cleaning, burning or sticking of coffee in electric kettle temperature of the kettle is not adjusted or disturb the working of the kettle.
  • Always use an electric kettle for its proper function for heating or boiling water. Don’t put coffee directly in the kettle or not reheat the coffee in an electric kettle. An electric kettle is fast and best to use when you use it correctly. It is a time-saving and busy person who easily enjoys coffee on time.
    So, this is all about how to make coffee with an electric kettle.


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