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How To Cook Cabbage In Microwave


How To Cook Cabbage In Microwave

Cabbage is a most used ingredient in our household. It is used in salads, meals, and other dishes. Most questions arise can you cook cabbage.
So, the answer is yes, and You can cook cabbage on the stovetop or in the microwave.
It is full of nutrients, and its taste is delicious. We can serve it with sausage, steak or other things. Most steamed cabbage is used in the microwave without any steamer or stovetop. It varies in different colors or shapes. Its petals are also designed according to your choice.
As you know, cabbage tastes good and can be used as raw, staw and slaw. Now we discuss how to cook cabbage in microwave.


Step 1: Firstly, Discard and remove the outer leaves of cabbage, which is tough and challenging.
Step 2: Then, Remove any debris, dirt, or chemical thing from the cabbage or head of the cabbage using water. Wash it with fresh water.
Step 3: Now cut the cabbage from the center and into two pieces. Start cutting and shredding cabbage with a knife or food processor.
Step 4: Use microwave- safe container to hold all cabbage in it.
Squeeze cabbage and remove excess water from it.
Step 5: You can add some flavors to it like salt, paper, or other ingredients to enhance its flavor and taste.
Step 6: As you know, cabbage is found in different colors. So, for red color cabbage, you should use a few tablespoons of lime juice to keep its red color intact.
You can give different textures to cabbage, like sweet and sour cabbage, by microwaving a mixture of sugar, cloves, raisins, or other apple slices or different ingredients. this is the process of how to cook cabbage in microwave.

Can you store cabbage after cooking.

Yes, you can store or preserve cooked cabbage. Storage time is essential. It determines how to last long cabbage is kept refrigerated.
You should refrigerate cooked cabbage in a sealed container or wrapping with foil of plastic or tin foil. By using this, we kept cabbage safe and enhanced its quality. You can keep the cabbage in the refrigerator for up to five days.

Can you freeze cabbage after cooking.

Yes, you can freeze cabbage after cooking, but raw cabbage is frozen chiefly longer. To preserve cooked cabbage, firstly, remove the cabbage from heat and allow it to cool down. Don’t freeze warm cabbage. Always put cabbage in a zip bag or tight deep container to seal it securely.
You can freeze cabbage for a month if it packs safely, but generally, it is not preserved for so long.

Benefits of cabbage :


how to cook cabbage in microwaveCabbage has many healthy and essential aspects. It is suitable for health. It has vitamin C, beta-carotene, and other fibers. As we know, vitamin c is essential for our body. It reduces toxins and diseases today like gout, arthritis, and skin problems. Cabbage can decrease the risk of cancer-type diseases.
A fatty person uses cabbage to lose weight and benefit from glowing skin. It has low saturated fat in fiber. Cabbage, primarily red, is full of flavonoid pigment like Anthocyanins. People who eat a pigmented meal are less develop heart disease, blood pressure, or other problems.
Cabbage-loving people should know all this information. Knowing this lets, you quickly tell how to cook cabbage in microwave and what the temperature is.

Nutrients in cabbage:

  • There are approx 22 calories found in each serving.
  • Have 1 gram of protein in it.
  • Have 2 grams of fiber per serving.
  • Having different vitamins k, vitamin c.
  • RDI amounts are 10% for folate.
  • Manganese accounts for 7% of it.
  • Six % of daily intake is also provided by vitamin B.
  • Having 4 % calcium.
  • Having 3 % Magnesium percent.

All these nutrients are found in cabbage. So, by knowing this, you can estimate the importance of cabbage.
Now enjoy cabbage meal by the cook in the microwave.


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