How To Make Chinese Chicken Noodle Soup

How To Make Chinese Chicken Noodle Soup

How To Make Chinese Chicken Noodle Soup
How To Make Chinese Chicken Noodle Soup


Chinese chicken noodle soup Warm or refresh your soul and thoughts. Chinese chicken noodle soup is delicious and is loved by people of all ages. Chinese chicken noodle soup is mainly used in winter, but some people use it in all weather. This dish warms up cold days and is suitable for health in winter. Commonly Chinese chicken noodle soup is used worldwide.
In China, chicken broth was used. As time passed, this was converted into soup. We can do variations in the recipe. It depends on your choice. Chinese chicken soup or noodles usually take longer, but we adjust the time with variations. In taste, we can add different flavors or spices.
Flavors and aromatics come from ginger, cumin, peppercorn, or other spices. Some people ask how to make Chinese chicken noodle soup. For this purpose, we will discuss the process.


Chicken homeless or shredded noodles, sauces, and spices are the main ingredients of Chinese chicken noodle soup.
Any noodles are commonly used as wheat noodles. Used thin-type noodles are easily digested. The texture of noodles also matters.


The recipe for Chinese chicken noodle soup is simple. Its preparation takes 25 minutes. Soup base cook at a time or maybe cook in advance or freeze.
Step 1: Light fry or brown the chicken with flavors.
Step 2: Add chicken stock or broth with another seasoning.
Step 3: Shred the chicken into pieces.
Step 4: Cook vegetables
Step 5: Cook noodles according to instructions.
After cooking, add noodles to the soup.

This is the process of Chinese chicken noodle soup. It is pretty straightforward. You can save your time and money by doing different variations.
Noodles are boiled commonly separately, but if you cook noodles with soup, then noodles absorb the moisture of soup, and a small quantity of soup will be left.
You can use your favorite vegetables like carrots, corn, spinach, mushrooms, etc.

Process in detail

  1. Firstly heat the oil at medium flame. Place chicken thigh and fry it until its colors become golden brown.
  2. Flip the chicken and add spices or flavors like garlic, ginger, green onion, or peppercorns. Again cook for 1 minute until all tastes release their flavor and fragrance.
  3. Now add stock and bay leaf at the time of boil at medium to high heat.
  4. Separately cook the noodles in a pot according to the package’s instructions.
  5. Cooked chicken is shredded by fork.
  6. Add sauces in broth and taste them. Adjust the seasoning according to your choice; after adding seasoning, cook again.
  7. Add vegetables and cook for 3 minutes. Add shredded chicken and stir continuously.
  8. Add noodles and make a beautiful platter of Chinese chicken noodle soup.

Serve it and enjoy the delicious taste.


  1. Use minced ginger, garlic, or green onion for quick cooking. Also, use powder form ingredients.
  2. Boneless chicken quickly cooks or is boiled and shredded easily. For this dish, this type of chicken is commonly used.
  3. Always cook or boil noodles separately. If you cook with soup noodles, absorb moisture or fresh noodles, and add them at the end of the broth.

Which type of Aromatics are used in Chinese chicken noodles soup?

Aromatics are used for delicious flavor. These are secrets of taste in the soup. Aromatics are added to the soup stock to give a warm, fresh or pleasurable smell. Aromatics are crushed or fresh garlic, ginger, green onion, cilantro stems, and peppercorn. Simmer the stock with your favorite aromatic for 10 minutes.

Essential seasonings of Chinese chicken noodles soup?

Seasoning adds delicious taste and texture. We can add soy sauce, chili sauce, vinegar, and sugar. All herbs should be equal.


You can add green onion, cilantro, and Mushrooms. Topping increases the excellent appearance of your dish, and your plate looks beautiful.

How to store Chinese chicken noodles soup?

You can store Chinese chicken noodle soup in the fridge for 3-4 days in an airtight container. You can keep soup in the freezer if you want to store it for a long time. Some noodles do not store them ideally. They become tasteless or messy, so permanently remove noodles from soup and freeze them. Leakage of soup is also possible, so always use airtight containers for this purpose. In an airtight container, the taste and texture of soup remain safe.

Is Chinese chicken noodles soup healthy?

Yes, Chinese chicken noodle soup is healthy or also hearty, and comforting to people. Vegetables give good nutrition. A combination of soup and noodles is excellent and suitable for people. This recipe is easy and loved by all people.

This is a Gluten-Free Chinese chicken noodle soup?

The Gluten in this recipe comes from noodles. You can use rice noodles or other options if you want no gluten.
You can use grilled chicken pieces in it and then shredding. A different variation is also suitable for taste and gives delicious taste and texture.

  • Some people can’t cook soup at home. They buy a packet of soup from the market. This type of soup is ready-made. Just adding water is essential. People only add a pack of soup, boil noodles, or add flavors. Assemble all things and serve them.
    People who love to eat noodles soup prefer Chinese chicken noodle soup because this dish is a combo of soup and noodles. They quickly understand all processes and information. They tell others about how to make Chinese chicken noodle soup.

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