How To Cook Chicken shami kabab

chicken shami kabab
Chicken shami kabab

Kabab and cutlets are everyone’s favourite dishes. It is a starter recipe. Some people like mutton kabab but some like chicken. We add chicken to the kabab in this recipe, creating a slight difference.
Some people buy frozen kabab or deep fry it, but some make shami kabab at home with different variations.
Chicken shami kabab is famous among children also. Kids love this type of starter.


  • Boneless chicken
  • Chana dal
  • Dry spices
  • Herbs
  • Garam Masala
    Variations in ingredients or recipes depend on your choice. Quality or Quantity also depends on your taste.


  • The chicken used in this recipe is boneless. Chicken with bones is neither good in taste nor bad for shami kabab.
  • Firstly boil or pressure-cooked chicken with herbs or dry spices and herbs of your choice.
  • Add channa dal to chicken and cook simultaneously. The Quantity depends on your taste.
  • When chicken is cooked or boiled well, blend it in a blender or make a paste of chicken and chana dal.
  • Then paste and divide into small portions.
  • Small portions of paste convert into round tikki called shami kabab.
  • You can use eggs for binding when you shallowly fry kababs in oil.
  • Tikki should be fried from both sides.
    Your chicken shami kabab is ready. You can serve chicken shami kabab with ketchup or any sauce.
    It is a straightforward recipe for chicken shami kabab.

You can make shami kabab in two ways:

  1. Directly add eggs or all ingredients in a paste or make round tikki’s or shallow fry in oil.
  2. The second way is you make tikki first, then coated with beaten egg or dip it in beaten eggs.

Both ways are easy or convenient. You can choose one of them. Variations depend on you.

  • Chicken shami kabab is commonly used as a starter. It can be used as a simple snack also. You can place a kabab between the burns of a burger.
  • Chicken shami kabab takes less time in cooking as compared to mutton kabab.
    You can add only the white part of the egg, or you can add the whole egg because it is essential for the binding of the paste. It prevents the kabab from breaking or cracking.
  • You can make shami kabab with chicken chunks, small or medium pieces, cooked chicken pieces, or boiled chicken.
  • People use paratha, bread, and rice with kabab.
  • An increasing quantity of chana dal will change the taste of shami kabab.
    The blending of chicken or chana dal also depends on you. If you want a fully blended paste, mix it for a few minutes.
  • Chicken shami kabab should be added to many recipes, like burgers and sandwiches. You can serve it with boiled rice or many more.

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