How To Cook Steak on Blackstone Griddle

How To Cook Steak on Blackstone Griddle

How To Cook Steak on Blackstone Griddle
How To Cook Steak on Blackstone Griddle

When aiming to whip up a delicious steak supper while keeping things neat, you have several cooking techniques to choose from. Yet, the Blackstone griddle is an excellent option that imbues your steak with exquisite taste and consistency. This cooking appliance is well-liked by individuals of all ages due to its interactive cooking approach. The Blackstone griddle guarantees uniformly cooked servings every single time by simplifying the steak-cooking procedure. For those new to cooking steak on a Blackstone griddle, this guide will offer a comprehensive, step-by-step tutorial.

What things do you need for steak?

Firstly you need a large or fresh rib-eye steak. Rib-eye steak is full of nutrition and suitable for a meal. It is full of flavor and has a meaty taste.


You need salt, pepper, and fresh rosemary to season the steak. After cooking or at the time of cooking, we use mushrooms. You can choose any mushroom for flavor and texture. Garlic is also essential for taste and enhances meat’s flavor. Butter and olive oil is commonly used for cooking purpose.
If you go for a picnic or want to cook steak, you should prepare some things before going. You should slice mushrooms, chop garlic and rosemary, and put them in an airtight container. Airtight containers keep things fresh and prevent spoilage. Do seasonings before cooking. You need a grill, A spatula, or an aluminum pan for cooking. All the things mentioned above are essential.


Step 1: Prepare and season the steak

Firstly, make sure your piece of steak is dry. You can use good towels for this purpose. After drying, put salt and pepper on the steak for seasoning. Just sprinkle or spread salt on your hand’s sides of the seasoned steak.

Step 2: Prepare other ingredients

Set the Blackstone griddle on high heat and preheat for 5-15 minutes. If your steak is thick, you can use a low temperature. Temperature mainly depends on your piece of steak. Adjust the temperature according to your stack because burn chances also increase.

Step 3: Cook the steak

Put oil of your choice on one side of the grill and steak on the oil side griddle. Let them cook for 5 minutes without flipping or moving them. After 5 minutes, flip its side and cook from another side. Cook until it is made evenly. Cover the steak with aluminum foil. It will help in quick cooking. Cook with foil for at least 15 minutes.
After cooking, add a piece of butter to the steak. Add slices of mushroom, garlic, and fresh rosemary. Now cook with all ingredients until all things become soft and juicy. Prevent them from burning.

Step 4: Serve and Enjoy

Use a temperature thermometer to check the desired temperature of the steak. It describes the doneness of your steak. After cooking, please remove it from the grill and put the steak on a wooden board. It gives a juicier texture.
Let the steak at rest for colder purposes. After the steak gets its internal temperature, you can add toppings like mushrooms.
Serve and enjoy warm steak. You can serve it with any sauce. This process answers how to cook steak on Blackstone griddle.

Exact temperature for steak?

For Exact purposes, you should maintain the internal temperature of the steak. People use different criteria of doneness. For real doneness, The internal temperature of the stack should be 125F°. This temperature has a good impact. The steak will be juicy and red colored from the center.
If you want partial perfectness, you can cook at 135F°. It is also called rare, medium doneness.
If you want medium real doneness, keep the temperature at 145F°. A meat probe or thermometer is helpful for this purpose. It will describe accurate temperature.

  • Blackstone griddle gives you the perfect steak with perfect taste. It’s your preference what you want in case of doneness.
    You can add toppings of your choice. A piece of steak is also of your choice.

Can I store my steak?

You can store your leftover steak in the refrigerator for three days. After three days, it becomes tasteless, and the texture of the steak is not good. Avoid storing steak because fresh steak tastes good and healthy.

  • People who love to eat steak can easily understand the process and information. They tell other people how to cook steak on Blackstone griddle people follow this recipe and enjoy warm steak.

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